Building Blocks

This project attempts to explore fit between a bounding perimeter and its contents through ideas of packing. By taking a generic unit that is then repeated, stacked, and organized through various rotations, a portion of the site is filled. By using this generic unit to pack in the site, it gains and produces specificity as it becomes a unit of building.

In elevation, the result of the packing totally fills out its rectangular bounds; however, the shape of the individual unit creates breaks in the façade and a figural profile. These breaks then influence the interior through organization of columns and core placement in plan.

The Fit Out for this project continues ideas of packing by pushing all enclosed program to the perimeter of each unit of building. This organization creates reinforced lines between them as well as pockets of work spaces, like small bullpens, at their centers. By pushing the enclosed program (mainly the private offices of the law firm tenant as well as storage, supply, and printing areas) to the perimeters, the defined lines between units are revealed on the interior, and movement between them becomes restricted by limited passages.

Whereas Koolhaas’s distinctions between typical and atypical lie in the two-dimensional plan, this project presents a three-dimensional counterpart: a generic unit that is rotated and repeated to produce specificity in its packed form with effects that resonate through plan. 

Winter 2017

Instructor: Erin Besler

The FIt Out Packet_01.jpg

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