Selected Professional Work 2017- Present


Enjoy Your Deck :-)

Besler & Sons, LLC

2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial

“Enjoy Your Deck :-)” is an architectural model of the ubiquitous online “how-to” home improvement video. The project reframes online video sharing platforms as a category of media that circulates architectural imagery, while simultaneously generating an attendant set of language, media, data, and associations.

Project Team: Erin Belser, Ian Besler, Bronte Araghi, Dongxiao Cheng, Chase Galis, Daniel Greteman


Super Models

Sylvia Lavin, Erin Besler, Jessica Colangelo, and Norman Kelley

2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial

"Super Models" presents twelve models replicated from the archive of the German Architecture Museum (DAM). Ten of the twelve original models were directly credited to the architects, whereas the other two were later commissioned by a third party without the permission of the original architects. In this process of producing models for documentation and display, the artifact comes to be understood not as a representation (or misrepresentation) of the original, but instead as an independent object with its own authority over the transfer of information.

Models by Chase Galis: Dickes House, The House with Curtains (Nine Houses), Monument to the Resistance, Stück Natur