Selected Undergraduate Academic Projects: 2015-2018

UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design

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For Your Viewing Pleasure

An elevated, pedestrian walkway wraps across Bunker hill framing the icon against its banal context reproducing the view most associated with the building’s iconicity.

Spring 2018

Instructor: Alfie Koetter


4x8s (and other material standards)

In this project, the use of unmodified 4x8 sheets and other material standards remove any need for description of cut or specific fit. Instead, the only required notation to perform the construction of the wall describes location of panels, orientation, and order of assembly.

Winter 2018

Instructor: Gabriel Fries-Briggs


Unhappy Family

With the standard wood frame of the wall situated as an ideal formal, structural arrangement, specified inputs and conditions force a miss-fit or missed-lamination of subsequent parts.

Winter 2018

Instructor: Gabriel Fries-Briggs

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 5.26.56 PM.png

Build Your Own Bankers Box

Download and follow the included instructions to make your own model of a Bankers Box.

Fall 2017

Faculty Advisor: Erin Besler


In The Gutter

This project proposes a dispersal of two programs (spa and cooking school) managed by a system of gutters.

Fall 2017

Instructor: Katy Barkan


Shelf (Exhibition Design)

Exhibition space at UCLA department of Architecture and Urban Design RUMBLE 2017

Spring 2017

Created for "Chunk" Technology Seminar (Instructor: Julia Koerner)



This project attempts to formalize an ‘informal’ chunk through an attention to different surface articulations. It expresses an interest in defining the surfaces of an existing sculpture through various modeling and fabrication techniques

Spring 2017

Instructor: Julia Koerner


Two Masks

Symbolically a mask performs a double move: It conceals the identity of the wearer and puts forth a secondary persona. Functionally it performs both of those actions with limited success.

March 2017

Instructor: Chandler McWilliams


48 Blades

48 blades, suspended one inch apart from each other to restrict the movement of the whole.

February 2017

Instructor: Chandler McWilliams


Turn Your Back

This project proposes a preference of function over hierarchical standards to fit and re-place the hierarchy of a law office within a building where its traditional form is neither possible nor effective.

Winter 2017-The Fit Out (pt. 2)

Instructor: Erin Besler


Building Blocks

This project attempts to explore fit between a bounding perimeter and its contents through ideas of packing. By using a generic unit to pack in the site, it gains and produces specificity as it becomes a unit of building.

Winter 2017- The Fit Out (pt. 1)

Instructor: Erin Besler


The project examines how a literal, physical collapse can facilitate a collapse of lines in drawing: however, it neither commits to literal nor representational collapse, but rather uses the two to inform and explore each other. 

Fall 2016

Instructor: Mohamed Sharif


Instructed Drawing 2

October 2016

Instructor: Mohamed Sharif


M, M, M (S, M, L)

This project aims to produce a set of three buildings that, through a reinterpretation of formal language explored in a separate project (Chapel, Summer 2015), produce a relationship between their size and scale.

Summer 2015

Instructor: Georgina Huljich & Constance Vale



Through a repetition of volumetric subtractions, this project produces a monolithic chapel that presents a contradiction between its interior-exterior relationship and the actual form.

Summer 2015

Instructor: Georgina Huljich & Constance Vale



This project analyzes the latent geometry in Saul Bass’s logo for Kosé and uses the findings to conduct a series of transformations. The space between the two elements of the logo served as the focus of the transformations in an attempt to further explore their geometry and relationship.

Summer 2015

Instructor: David Vuong