Two Masks

A mask is often thought to perform a double move: it conceals the true identity of the wearer, and it puts forth a new, imagined persona that inhabits the exterior of the mask. In effect, a mask performs each of these with limited success. The exterior of a mask only physically obscures portions of the face. It then superimposes a suggested secondary persona without entirely removing the one underneath. This project embraces the limited success of the mask and reproduces it without its symbolic intentions.

These two masks are made entirely of fabric that was molded with a series of adhesives and resins to a wire mold of the face. The fabric resembles a type of lace, a cliché of mask making, that remains decorative and ornamental without putting forth a specified secondary persona. From the exterior, the network of lines in the lace obscure exact identification of facial features while still allowing for sight out. 

March 2017

Instructor: Chandler McWilliams