In the Gutter

This project proposes a dispersal of two programs (spa and cooking school) managed by a system of gutters. As the gutter itself becomes the vessel for circulation through the building, it produces a single-channel path that begins to map out the programmatic distribution not through its collective arrangement, but instead through adjacencies to the gutter. Program floors intrude on the space of the gutter where drainage and spill occur, producing a language of horizontal surface preferences and openings that introduce slips and spills from one level to the next. In theory, if someone were to spill milk in the kitchen, it could drain into the library, and if the baths were to overflow, the water would spill into the locker room below. The resulting series of spills produces a range of oblique views between floor plates of different levels. 

The representation of the project addresses a material ambiguity through abstraction. It suggests difference while perpetuating questions of surface ownership originated in the mutually suppressive relationship between the floor plates and gutter. Each mode of representation attaches to conventional languages of material deference and abstraction. The distinction manifests in orthographic projection through the presence of both black poche and white poche, the preferences of material thickness in the model, and the ambiguity of context and texture in the images.

Fall 2017

Instructor: Katy Barkan