This project explores one of the consequences produced by drawing that occurred when flattening a stepped landscape ruled by an architectonic grid. By using axonometric projection to explore a gridded landscape, information collapses into other information. Viewing a standard, uniform 90 degree grid at a 45 degree angle in two dimensions produces a collapsing of lines. Any of the corners to this thickened grid as well as curves or lines that lie on similar angles become muddy and collapsed. The project attempts to explore how a literal, physical collapse can facilitate or prevent a collapse of lines in drawing: however, it neither commits to literal nor representational collapse, but rather uses the two to inform and explore each other. 

This form is produced as the upper silhouette of the grid separates and skews from itself before slipping through the landscape, carving away at it. With nothing left to support, the column that was previously holding up the grid, falls to coincidentally stabilize the two collapsing, separate forms that remain. The resulting floors, stairs, and a single room feels the effects of this at a smaller scale and crack from the outer shell.

Fall 2016

Critic: Mohamed Sharif